Our goal is simple: learn spanish by practicing, with dynamic classes adapted to you.


Are you normally busy? You can still have classes thanks to our flexible system, You can choose day, time and even the duration of every class, managing the time you purchased.


Getting the exposure to a native speaker for so many hours has its pros. The most important one for us is the amount of realistic conversations the student will have, practicing everything taught in class. We make sure the student becomes fluent through practice.


Put into practice everything you've learned in an interactive way! We design crosswords, flashcards, drag and drop activities and more types of exercises to help you practice the vocabulary and grammar you are learning in order to make the learning process fun.


Every student becomes a part of our community. We have a private Facebook group and a Telegram group in which all the interaction is in Spanish. We will be there creating conversation 24/7. You will have people to practice your Spanish with and endless content to help you keep improving your Spanish skills.

You can find our podcast here:


Classes can be taught on Skype, Zoom, Hangouts.

Individual classes tailored to the needs of the student to maximise progress. These can be conversation classes, classes to advance in grammar, vocabulary, slang from various Spanish-speaking countries. The teacher can record the class and send it to the student in Mp4 format. The user will be able to listen to the class as many times as he/she wants. 

We provide everything you need. We will send you an online document, that works like a realtime blackboard (Google Docs). There, you will see all the lessons we are having, with exercises, videos, texts, interactive excercises, images and so on. 

The teacher will be using a second document, (Google sheets) in which he will be gathering all the words that the student didn’t know. New vocabulary. Gathering these words in a document helps us create personalised flashcards, crosswords and many other things that we will send you in order to help you remember new vocabulary and practice. This document will be also shared with the student.

The student will be able to check these documents at any time he/she wants, using the before mentioned apps or their websites.


Yes you do! At the end of the week you can join our group conversation. We have a weekly group conversation for free during 1 hour minimum. In which all of our students can meet each other and talk with the teacher in a natural and relaxed way. In addition to this, you can always listen to our weekly podcast called: “No pasa nada”, and read the transcription of every chapter in our webpage. 

You will also be invited to be part of our Fb private group and our Telegram chat group. Using this tools will help you improve your writing and listening as other students ( and you too) can share anything in Spanish, typing, sending a voice message or a video. 

What our Customers are saying

I have enjoyed learning Spanish from SkypeClases.

The cost is very reasonable and it's also simple and quick to schedule a class. The instructor
has a pleasant method of teaching and is very accessible and nice. This is a relaxed way to learn that is not stressful but still very successful. I highly recommend reaching out to the instructor if you have any questions about joining the SkypeClases community.

Debbie Pfister-Maciolek

Me encantan sus clases.

Me dio la confianza y muchos detalles para romper el hielo y mejorar el idioma. Estaré agradecida toda mi vida y ojala pueda verte un día.

Mai Nazal

Never knew online language classes could be fun, but they are!!

I liked the visual that he provides while we are practicing the language at a good pace. Would recommend absolutely!!

Ellen Shiraef

One year ago, I took my first class with SypeClases

I can honestly say that it has been the most enjoyable, challenging, stimulating and rewarding thing I’ve done as a “hobby.” I remember how nervous I was and how my teacher immediately put me at ease. Since then, I’ve grown immensely in my knowledge and comfort level. Maybe one day I’ll be fluent! I never considered that before. To my teacher and mi amigo, Alvaro, muchas gracias por todos! Anyone who is lucky enough,and brave enough, to try Skypeclases is in for a treat.

Tiara Harper

Awesome classes!

Taught me everything I needed to live, work and run a business in Spain. I have been having classes for a long time and now that they have online Skype classes, I can continue practising and learning while I travel.

The classes are fun and dynamic. My teacher is always available to help me with any questions I have and the class recordings and notes are really helpful when I need to brush up afterwards (gracias Alvaro!)

Whatever your objective, this school will help you every step of the way. ¡Suerte!

Christopher Labrador


Tomoyori Thomas Matsubara

A great way of learning

I’m a teacher myself so I’m hard to please but I was truly impressed with the classes. I started slowly but decided to purchase a package since I truly liked the methodology and level appropriation by the instructor. The lessons are friendly and to the point. I definitely recommend them!

Renae Mavie

Great classes

I have been learning with SkypeClases for a few months and I am really impressed by how much I have been able to learn from them during this time. Classes are always fun and tailored to your interests, which means I am learning things that are actually useful to me! I highly recommend them to anybody who is interested in learning Spanish. Muchas gracias!

Chris walker

¡Qué chido!

Qué chevere! Genial! Absolutely great! I really love my teacher he is sweet and super helpful. I learned lots of vocabulary and grammar and feel like i am becoming more fluent. i've had a couple of different tutors and he is by far the best i've had. He uses all kinds of resources to improve my listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Best tutor ever. Definitely would recommend. skypeclases rules 🙂

Onica Stapleton

I’m very happy with my classes

It is an amazing method to learn a language at your own speed and it’s extremely convenient. I am totally amazed with my Spanish teacher. He is the most easy guy to work with. Thank you so much Alvaro. Looking forward to do more lessons with you.

Linda Clarke

What a great surprise!

I took Skypeclases in hopes of bettering my spoken language with minimal expectations. After the first session, I was completely blown away by how quickly I started to get a hang on things! Everyone at Skypeclases has made it easy for me to learn Spanish and practice regularly anywhere and anytime. I am still shocked by how fast I’ve managed to understand and speak. They also provide a free session for first timers. I’ve tried other sites before and this one for sure has made me return.

Tarik Bayu

Efficient classes

An excellent way to learn Spanish. Álvaro is a great teacher and he can get you into the language in no time. The classes are interesting and fun and he is always well prepared.

Yorgos Spyridakis

Highly recommended

Brilliant classes which were very engaging and practical in order to survive in Spain. Álvaro is very patient and content of classes are always carefully selected to learning styles.

Elizabeth Ma

Studiare spagnolo tramite Skype è stato utile e divertente, ho appreso tanto e il mio livello è decisamente migliorato. Il professore è preparato, paziente e disponibile per qualsiasi delucidazione o spiegazione. Consiglio le lezioni a qualsiasi tipo di studente che voglia imparare o migliorare il suo livello di spagnolo.

Elena Montesano

Everyone should know this!

My experience learning with SkypeClases has been thoroughly enjoyable. The teacher is not only professional and experienced, he is also evidently passionate about helping you learn! I was impressed by the clarity and organization of our learning sessions. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn Spanish to give SkypeClases a try.

Chuan Du

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Personalized material



Choose the duration of every class

Personalized material

Access to our private Fb community 

Access to our Telegram chat group

Access to all our podcasts' transcriptions




Choose the duration of every class

Personalized material

Access to our private Fb community 

Access to our Telegram chat group

Access to all our podcasts' transcriptions


Skypeclases is the brainchild of a certified Spanish teacher determined to teach Spanish around the world. After months of hard, work he has achieved a flexible teaching plan that is suitable for all students from all over the world taught by himself.

I’m lucky to have met many of my students in real life, and have created a more than fun work environment with an unbeatable atmosphere.

A dynamic, ambitious company, seeking to improve its service at all times by maintaining a close customer relationship. I’m always available, offering help and advice on language learning.