Frequently asked questions

Is Skype necessary?

- No, we can use different platforms for our classes, here are some of the ones that we normally use: Zoom, Jitsi, Hangouts, Fb Videocall, Facetime, if there are any other platforms that you use that are not on the list let us know and we will see if it's possible for us to get adapted.

PayPal is not available in my country

We are sorry about this situation, but there is always a solution, there are many companies that send money overseas, we recommend TransferWise, so far it has been very easy to use and with very low commissions. Please contact our team for further information about this, no matter what company or method you want to use.

What's the Fb community?

We have a private Facebook group in which all our students interact with each other, talking and posting, always in Spanish, we make sure that there is always something to talk about in the group. It's very useful if you want to meet someone who is actively learning Spanish and want to team up or have classes together.

What do I need for the classes?

We try to be as simple as possible, having a normal internet connection is important. You can take our classes in any screen basically, although we recommend a laptop or tablet because that way you can see the teacher while getting to see the document which we will be working on, this option is not possible normally with phones, some tablets can do it too. No papers are required, but you can always write down something if you want, of course. You will be provided with all the material needed for the class.

What do you mean with a flexible class system?

As you have noticed we sell hours, not classes, that way you manage the time you purchase as you prefer. How? very simple, your classes don't have to be of one hour always, you can have 45, 30, 15 minutes classes. We will be counting the time that you have used, and will notify you before using it all. You will know in every moment how much time you have used too, it will be written in the document of our classes next to the date of every class.

What if I'm late for a class?

The teacher will always wait for you for 15 minutes. If you arrive later than that without previous notification the class will count as taken. You can always let the teacher known that you can't assist to the class or that you will be later than 15 minutes, at least 4 hours in advance, otherwise the class will count as taken. Once you notify the teacher about being late or not being able to take a class you can reschedule it.

When do I pay?

The payment must be done before booking any class. We suggest taking advantage of the ``free trial`` before purchasing any package of hours. It's always better to know how the product is before getting it, isn't it?

How do I book a class?

Once you've done the payment you will see a yellow button which you can click directly in order to book your first class, however if you didn't click on it you can always go to the menu placed in the top of the webpage and click on ``Scheduling``, there, you will see different options, choosing the one that fits your needs for that class is all that you have to do.